July 12, 2011

Remote Desktop Control 2.8

A new version of Remote Desktop Control has been released. There are following improvements in RDC 2.8:

  • Remote software is fully compatible with Windows 7.
  • Tested on 32 and 64 bit version of Windows system.
  • Some small bugs have been fixed.

You can download the latest version of Remote Desktop Control software at official website: remote-desktop-control.com

October 12, 2009

Employee monitoring and time tracking

Time tracking software is that kind of monitoring software that provides computer time tracking.

The newest software completely automates this process by providing:

The purpose of employee time tracking software is to track time, but not to spy (like recording keystrokes or screens). Why would people track their own time? When people work as self-employed, they might want to get more organized, to generate reports for their clients, to bill for the job. Some people might just want to minimize the time they spend playing games, reading emails or chatting.

Why would employers monitor employees' time? The bigger company is, the more chance is, that employers might want to use employee monitoring software. Why? Because they don't want to pay to the employees, who spend too much time browsing the Internet instead of working. So, employers might need to monitor Internet usage to find out, who are those employees, spending so much time chatting, browsing and socializing. Also employers might want to have a clear picture of the software used on the company's computers. This might be needed to minimize expenses and to prohibit of using certain software.

BTW, employee monitoring is one of common tasks for remote computer software too.

August 02, 2009

Difference between Direct Connection and Gateway Account


Many potential customers of Remote Desktop Control software ask the same question:

What is the difference between Direct Connection and Online Gateway?

Here are brief descriptions for each edition:

Direct Connection

Direct Connection edition fits to work in local area network via TCP/IP protocol, when all computers are members of the same network. It is possible to use Direct Connection over Internet if the IP address of remote computer is available and routers/firewalls are configured to allow remote access sessions. Direct Connection license is not time limited and there are no recurring charges.

Online Gateway

Online Gateway edition can access computer either via local network or via the Internet. Special gateway server allows connecting to remote PC behind firewall or router, when remote computer has dynamic IP, in cases of complicated network topology, when the user on the other side has no knowledge about networks. This edition contains all features of Direct Connection plus access to web based account on the online gateway server. Online Gateway license is a subscription, so annual payments are required.


So the short answer is:

Direct Connection edition is for local networks and computer geeks only. All other should use Online Gateway.

July 22, 2009

Small software update

Minor update of Remote Desktop Control software has been released. A few small bugs were fixed.

April 20, 2009

Remote Desktop Control 2.5

New 2.5 version of Remote Desktop Control software has been released. Following changes appear:

You may get more information or download a free evaluation version from official web site: www.remote-desktop-control.com

March 21, 2009

Remote Assistance - Success Story

My best friend lives in 2000 kilometers from me. We meet each other once a year at best. And only Internet allows us to be aware of each other's everyday news and problems.

My friend works as a tutor for a well-known language school; her students live all over the world and communicate with her via Internet. If something is wrong with her computer her work gets locked. I'm a programmer, so my friend considers me to be a computer genius and often asks for assistance in setting up new software, editing documents and images, etc.

Usually I'm able to help her remotely, without seeing what's happening on her computer. But sometimes I really need to have an access to her computer.

Once she called me asking to help with fixing her browser. Every time she opened a web page, a huge advertisement was displayed over the page and she wasn't able to access neither search engine to find a solution, no her web-based workspace. It was definitely a virus.

Her antivirus didn't help. So I decided to have a closer look at her computer. We tried built-in Windows Remote Assistance but without any success - she used a router and there was no way to connect to her computer directly. Some research brought me to REMOTE-DESKTOP-CONTROL.COM website. They claimed that their system could reach any remote computer, even those behind firewalls, routers and having dynamic IPs. 30-day fully functional trial was enough to fix everything on my friend's computer.

I've downloaded and installed Remote Desktop Control's Admin Module on my computer and sent the installer to my friend via Skype. She installed Host Module. I've created an account in Internet Gateway server, provided my account name and password to my friend - and that was it!

I was able to fully control her computer, check and edit the system registry, use System Configuration Utility, manage drivers and devices, I was even able to reboot her computer remotely! No action was needed from my friend's side. So while she was watching her favorite TV show I fixed her computer and she was able to assist her students again.

We kept this remote software on our computers and even purchased a license: Now any time she needs help with her computer, I just connect to it using Remote Desktop Control. This saves us a lot of time and typing, and we can spend more time chatting about more pleasant things then computer problems.

December 07, 2008

Remote Desktop Control FAQ

New list of frequently asked questions has been published at Remote Desktop Control web site.

Here is a list of questions:

More information about remote desktop software you my found at official web site