January 18, 2007

Remote Desktop Control

The first tool I want to describe is Remote Desktop Control.

This is software oriented to end users but network geeks may found it interesting too. Remote Desktop Control is based on Anyplace Control engine, very stable and time proofed solution. Software performs basic remote access task, such as monitoring, mouse and keyboard control, remote shutdown, clipboard transfer, and so on. There is no file transfer in current version of Remote Desktop Control, but the feature should appear in the future.

This powerful network utility has very simple interface and easy to setup for any kind of users. People who saw the computer for a first time just a week ago will understand the software and get it working in few clicks.

Remote Desktop Control is available as free 30 days trial from remote-desktop-control.com web site.

Software costs form $15 down to $2 per computer. The minim license for 2 PCs is $30. There is a huge volume discount.

January 17, 2007

Remote Desktop Control blog started

This is the first post on this Blog. I'm planning to write articles about remote computing here. There are lots of software solutions for remote computer control via network or Internet. I'll try to describe different remote software, compare them, and inform you all news about remote controlling industry.