October 12, 2009

Employee monitoring and time tracking

Time tracking software is that kind of monitoring software that provides computer time tracking.

The newest software completely automates this process by providing:

The purpose of employee time tracking software is to track time, but not to spy (like recording keystrokes or screens). Why would people track their own time? When people work as self-employed, they might want to get more organized, to generate reports for their clients, to bill for the job. Some people might just want to minimize the time they spend playing games, reading emails or chatting.

Why would employers monitor employees' time? The bigger company is, the more chance is, that employers might want to use employee monitoring software. Why? Because they don't want to pay to the employees, who spend too much time browsing the Internet instead of working. So, employers might need to monitor Internet usage to find out, who are those employees, spending so much time chatting, browsing and socializing. Also employers might want to have a clear picture of the software used on the company's computers. This might be needed to minimize expenses and to prohibit of using certain software.

BTW, employee monitoring is one of common tasks for remote computer software too.