January 30, 2008

Protect Website with a Password

The Internet has spawned a new generation of successful businesses - ecommerce websites. These small online companies find themselves expanding rapidly which is a wonderful thing to be sure but this also throws up some unique hurdles that need to be overcome. One of them is the need for protecting restricted areas of the website by a password. This feature is often needed by the websites with pay-per-view content and those that, for example, set up a club for the visitors.

If some areas of your website need password protection, using ISAPI protection filter for IIS from Metamatica Software should be fine. Named IISKeeper, the filter enables you to protect files and folders on the website by a password. The best thing is that there’s no need to create user accounts and set up access rights for users. The content can be protected by time of access and by traffic. IISKeeper will automatically count the server traffic for the protected area of the website and block access to the user who has exceeded the traffic limit or when the time of access has expired.

January 27, 2008

Frequency Answered Questions

Here is a great list of frequency answered questions for remote computer access and remote desktop control: Remote access FAQ

January 24, 2008

Remote Assistance

Remote assistance is useful when somebody want to do something on the PC but don't know how to. Explaining what and where to click by phone is long and nervous. Better show the user what to do right on his desktop, then 30 minutes long distance call.

Remote assistance via network is easy using special remote desktop access software. Try remote assistance one time, and you will not be able to work without it.

January 22, 2008

Remote Access

Remote access to another computer via network is a common technique for system administrators. Nowadays, home users often have more the one PC, so remote assess is a great solution for them too.

Remote computer access is possible using special software tool. Remote access program shows the image of remote desktop and sends mouse and keyboard events to remote PC, so the user works on remote computer as if were sitting in front of it.

January 20, 2008

Remote PC

Remote PC is a computer that controlled from another computer via network. Remote PC can be located in the other room, building, or even other country. There are some programs that allow the user to work on remote PC using mouse and keyboard are plugged to local computer.

January 14, 2008

Network card

Description of network card and network adapter appeared on Remote Desktop Control web site: Network card

January 12, 2008

Terminal server and terminal client

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