August 02, 2009

Difference between Direct Connection and Gateway Account


Many potential customers of Remote Desktop Control software ask the same question:

What is the difference between Direct Connection and Online Gateway?

Here are brief descriptions for each edition:

Direct Connection

Direct Connection edition fits to work in local area network via TCP/IP protocol, when all computers are members of the same network. It is possible to use Direct Connection over Internet if the IP address of remote computer is available and routers/firewalls are configured to allow remote access sessions. Direct Connection license is not time limited and there are no recurring charges.

Online Gateway

Online Gateway edition can access computer either via local network or via the Internet. Special gateway server allows connecting to remote PC behind firewall or router, when remote computer has dynamic IP, in cases of complicated network topology, when the user on the other side has no knowledge about networks. This edition contains all features of Direct Connection plus access to web based account on the online gateway server. Online Gateway license is a subscription, so annual payments are required.


So the short answer is:

Direct Connection edition is for local networks and computer geeks only. All other should use Online Gateway.