March 23, 2008

Help Your Granny Remotely

Your beloved granny has bought the latest laptop. Now she surfs the Internet and it looks like she will soon become a hacker? You communicate with her over e-mail more and more often, receive dozens of mails from her every day and seriously consider installing a messenger? What will you do? Send her instructions on how to download the installation package, where and how to fill out the registration form, create an account, find you in the system and create a new contact? I am afraid she has not quite advanced THAT far.

Send your granny an e-mail with a remote access software installation package attached. After she installs the program, simply connect to her computer and set up and configure everything as desired. Moreover, your granny will be able to observe you configuring the messenger, creating an account (and more) and thus, learn what buttons to click on! It is strongly recommended that you let your granny know beforehand that the moving mouse cursor and self-opening windows are not a virus, poltergeist or Voodoo magic, but it is you, her beloved grandson, who has connected from another city and is tuning her PC.

March 12, 2008

Password Manager Blog

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